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Interview with Engineering Because

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by Nayema Chowdhury at Engineering Because. They have done numerous interviews with engineers and engineering students from all around the world. They also have an online community as part of their website that allows you to meet some of these people. You can check out the site and read my interview here.

The Beauty of Openness and Real-Time

Lately I have been repeatedly impressed by the interaction and utility of Twitter. I have also been asked by numerous folks what the point of Twitter is and why I would waste my time with it. I hope to point out two areas that have struck me lately about what is really distinct and valueable about Twitter.

First I love what I call the “Openness” of it. With Facebook I can only interact with my “friends” or group-mates. With LinkedIn I can only interact with my “connections” unless I want to put someone in the awkward position of formally facilitating an introduction. Both have these barriers to meeting new people. Then you have Twitter. With Twitter I can interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is such a great platform for finding or being found by new and interesting people and connecting with them.

Second, if you follow the right people and monitor your stream, you can get real-time information about what is going on anywhere. An excellent example of this is the other day I started getting updates in my feed about an accident here in town. People were warning others about it so that they could avoid the traffic congestion. They provided information about its exact location, what lanes were blocked, photographs from smartphones, highway cameras, and news coverage. Shortly AFTER I noticed this trending topic in my feed, we got a call to go and investigate the accident. Well now because of Twitter we had all this real-time data prior to even going to the site to investigate. Obviously we have to be objective and base our investigation and analysis on evidence and facts, not tweets, but the data was useful nonetheless.

I’m sure these are just some of the benefits of Twitter. Do you know of some others? Please share them in the comments. Do you agree with the two I pointed out?